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Simply put….I miss you

It seems crazy. Five years just flew bye. And yet, something causes you to cross my mind, just about everyday. I laugh to myself when I find hair in food, God, you were crazy! I hear you when Amyah whistles. Four years old, and she’s almost as loud as you were. And Anja, she still gets a big smile on her face every time she sees George Bush on the T.V. and I can hear her quietly say “Grampy”. I see you in my squinty eyes and your son’s crooked grin, you know, the grin you always got when you were full of you know what, He does the same thing! I could probably sit here for hours and list the things that help me to remember you, but I won’t. I don’t think I need to, because simply put….I miss you .  xoxoxo


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