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Our Christmas

There is usually never a dull moment around here, and the holiday’s are no different.

We took Amyah to Hick’s Nursery for this years attempt to sit on Santa’s lap.

And she actually did it!

Which led to an interesting conversation about the “wanna be Santa with the paper boots”!

(her words, not mine)

How do you respond when your kid is right

He was indeed, a very weak attempt at Santa.
(he actually had a tip bucket under his chair)

At least the reindeer were real 

We also went to Amyah’s first Christmas pageant.

I’ll say no more, you can see for yourself.

She made a beautiful angel,

tears and all.

And by the end, we even managed a smile.

We spent Christmas Eve at Mom’s like we always do.

And the gifts ranged from clothes and shoes

to necklaces and earings

to video games and easybake ovens. 

And the fact that Amyah stayed up till 5am because she was nervous that Santa would come in her room

Surely didn’t stop Anja from waking at the crack of dawn because she wanted her gifts.

Like I said, never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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