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The Anniversary?

 It’s four years ago today that my father died of what started out as lung cancer. This morning I woke up and called it an anniversary while I was speaking to my husband, he quickly corrected me and told me not to call it that because it wasn’t something to celebrate.
My father was a great person, not even close to perfect, but still he was great. He was a very caring dad and an even better “Grampy” and he certainly had his own way of showing it.



I thought a lot about what my husband said today, and I decided that I will continue to consider this an anniversary.
My reasoning for this is simple,
My father was very sick, he suffered and endured a lot of pain, he got to the point that he didn’t recognize or trust his own family.
Point being……. four years ago today my father was released, he was set free from a life that was painful,
a life that nobody should have to experience.
So I consider today the anniversary of the day my father was given the chance to be himself again,
a chance to be the dad that I remember and the Grampy my kids remember.
It’s the anniversary that he was released from  living life as someone we did not recognize,


and the chance for him to live on in our memories as the funny, caring person that he was.

I love you Dad!


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