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She Misses Her Daddy

They always say it’s the little things you miss, this has proven to be true in our house. Our 3 year old has this WIERD thing she likes to do with her daddy…….. EVERY TIME she poops, she runs to get him so he can look at it, then she runs back into the bathroom and stands in front of the toilet till he comes in, and finally, she jumps out of the way as if he doesn’t know what’s in the toilet and yells POOPIE! He responds by telling her it looks like little chicken nuggets. Sorry for anyone that is offended by this topic. The point of my story….. since her dad has been gone she suggested that we don’t flush the toilet, instead we should save all the POOP till daddy gets back home. Obviously this is not something we could do, or something we would want to post pictures of, so instead, here are some pictures of her practicing for dance class.

Enjoy Daddy, We Miss You!


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