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Marie & Rich

There are certain things in life that just make me smile, Marie & Rich are one of those things.

I’m not sure if it’s the way Rich grins when he looks at her, or the way they joke with each other like nobody else is around, or if it’s because they just are who they are, no matter what anyone thinks, but something about the entire weekend makes me just smile, from ear to ear, uncontrollably.

The wedding took place in Lake George. They had an outside ceremony at a barn, a moonlight cruise on the lake and a day after party at her family’s lake house. Every detail, from the hand made tablecloths and runners, hand picked wild flowers, homemade jam, hand wrapped bouquets and boutonnieres and let’s not forget the dress, which was sewn by Marie’s mom. Honestly, the list would go on for days. Every aspect of the wedding was a DIY dream!

There aren’t many things that can sum up what an amazing weekend they created, but if I had to try, I’d say…

Lake George + Marie + Rich = Pure Awesomeness and of course SMILES!


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